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I heard a story this week about a bull that loved to chew his cud while sitting beneath a shade tree. That particular tree was located just a stone’s throw from a set of railroad tracks. And every time that train came blowing by, it would disturb his afternoon nap and frustrate him.

So this bull had all that he could take and one day, he became so agitated that he decided to take action. He heard the train blowing its whistle a mile down the way, so he took that train head on. He stood right there in the middle of the tracks and this was a showdown.

As you can guess, minutes later, the conductor of that train was cleaning what remained of that animal from the front of the locomotive. And when had done that, he tipped his cap to that bull and said, "Bull, I admire your courage. I question your judgment."

(From a sermon by Ben Mandrell, "A Wise Woman Saves The Day" 1/14/2009)

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