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Women make 84% of all philanthropic decisions and 80% of all major consumer-buying decisions. The number of women-owned businesses with 500 or more employees grew by 125% from ’97 to ’03. Business owners give an average of 7% of their annual income vs. 2% for the average household, but donations by women are 2.5 times greater to organizations at which they already contribute their time and talent. By 2010, women will control more than 60% of the nation’s wealth, estimated at more than $22 trillion. According to the IRS, 43% of all individuals in North America with $500,000 or more in financial assets are women. Women represent 39% of the "top wealth holders" (gross assets of at least $625,000). There are 16.5 million women with a net worth in excess of $500,000. Women’s philanthropy has increased by more than $15 billion annually since ’96.

(Non Profit Times 4/28/08)

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