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Ministry Area Profile 2006 -- Compass Report 10/24/2006

Estimated 2006 households likely to be primarily concerned with:

The Basics: Maintaining personal health – 42.6%

Hopes and Dreams:

1) Achieving long-term financial security – 56.8%

2) Finding time for recreation/leisure – 31.7%

3) Other considerations:

Achieving a fulfilling marriage – 25.7% Developing parenting skills – 19.3%


1) Dealing with stress – 31.1%

2) Finding life direction – 14.2%

3) Finding a good church – 13.3%

4) Finding spiritual teaching – 10.2%

Estimated 2006 households likely to agree with the following statements:

“I believe there is a God” – 83.3%

“God is actively involved in the world including nations and their governments” – 60.4%

There seems to be a real disconnect in our society. While Americans vastly agree to the fact that there is a God (83.3%), they largely don’t seem to be too interested in having a close relationship with that God (only 10.2% say finding spiritual teaching is a primary concern; only 13,3% say finding a good church is a primary concern).

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