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The story’s told about a young preacher who was pastoring a very traditional and established church. The church was beginning to experience phenomenal growth. It got to the place where the sanctuary was no longer suitable for the congregation. They were going to have to buy or build a new sanctuary.

The young preacher had a vision from God. But he had to come to the church meeting and present his vision to the church and hear from the church. So he came to the business meeting that night ready to share his vision of how God was telling the church to build a bigger and better sanctuary. He finished his vision summary and was waiting for a response from the church.

About that time, an aged deacon rose from his feet and said, "Preacher I thank God for you, but we can’t move from this building." The young preacher stood there not knowing what to say. The deacon continued, "Pastor, we can’t move from this building that pulpit you preach from. My grandfather used to preach from there, and this chair I just arose from is where my daddy used to pray, and this post that I’m standing next to, I was saved standing right next to this post. Now preacher, I don’t mean to any harm, but we...

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