6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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My son, Dan, was pulling out of his apartment complex on his way to school, when suddenly wham, a car hits him going 40 miles an hour about a foot in front of where he was sitting in our Mini-van. The next 15 to 20 minutes he was out. He awoke up confused wondering “Where am I?” and “What is happening?” In the first century Christians were confused wondering “What is the truth?” False teachers with a godless lifestyle had crept into the church. Like Dan, which of these two worlds are you currently living in today?

A State of Confusion! A State of Blessings!

 Live a slave to sin? Enjoy being more than a conqueror?

 Are you on a path toward destruction? Are you on the path to heaven?

 Walking in darkness? Walking in the light?

 Is your life one of spiritual defeat? Is your life one of spiritual victory?

 Are you being poisoned by sin? Are you being purified by Christ?

 Do you live a life of selfishness? Do you live a life of selflessness?

 Does your life reflect the love of the world? Does your life reflect the love of Christ?

 Is your life SPIRITUALLY empty? Do you enjoy the fullness of Christ?

 Your house built upon the sand (world)? Your house built upon the rock (Christ)?

 Your treasures are going to burn up? Your treasures are being stored up?

Are you caught between these two worlds? Is much of your life lived in the world of spiritual defeat? Even Christians experience “spiritual confusion” or “loss of memory” which causes failure in their walk. It often lasts far longer than fifteen to twenty minutes. Why? We easily forget the source of our blessings! Jude wants us to have a clear head and to realize what it means to be a Christian.

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