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In seminary, every student was asked this question and it was sort of a psychological test that with the other tests could reveal some possible issues of the student and point to the fitness of the student for pastoral ministry. For example, I said, “Jesus.” Because as a potential pastor, I thought that was what I was supposed to say. But if my scores on other tests would have been different, this could have support to indicate a messiah complex or at least a person with unrealistic expectations of himself or herself and others. “To be like God.” Pretty dangerous.

But when pressed to go deeper, I really resonate with David as well as Moses. Certainly, there are many, many others. But David especially is meaningful because he reminds me that even the best of us (after all he was called a man after God’s own heart) can fail. Even the best of us can fail miserably but God can always redeem any situation. So we are going to look at David as our first hero.

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