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This is a huge concept for us: loyalty. It is huge because loyalty in my opinion is narrowly practiced on our society. It is present but usually limited to loyalty to oneself. And loyalty affects a very special area of our lives: the social arena. Loyalty or lack of loyalty has a major impact upon our relationships: how we treat others, how we expect others to treat us, and how we deal with others.

Even in the name of spirituality and God, people claim ultimate loyalty to themselves. And I think all of us are guilty at some point in our lives of this. We pledge allegiance. But not to God or even to the flag but to ourselves. I pledge allegiance… to me and only to me. My wants, my needs above God with health, wealth and happiness to me.

If we are loyal to something other than ourselves, then it might be to some sports team. Maybe you’re a Cubs fan or a Browns fan. Maybe a Steelers fan? It’s easy to be a fan when your team is doing well. But the true test of loyalty comes when your team loses.

I’m a Cincinnati Reds fan. When they lose, I just can’t stand it. I don’t like it. But I still want them to win. I still want the Reds to win the World Series. But what does loyalty to a sports team really matter? What does it cost me? Maybe a little pride. Maybe some frustration. Win they lose, we say, “There always next year.” But even when we win, there is always next year.

We need loyalty to something that matters. This kind of loyalty to something other than ourselves, changes lives.

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