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Sex is Like a Maserati

(Based on an illustration given by Pastor Ed Young Fellowship Church C3 conference February 19, 2009)

Pastor Young was talking to a porn actress from Europe about salvation through Jesus Christ. She did not believe and questioned him. She wondered if she would have to leave to porn industry to become a Christian. Pastor Ed told her to come to Jesus as she is and then he would take care of the rest. She was shocked that God and the church would accept her as she is.

Pastor Ed explained sex like this to her: Sex is a beautiful and special gift given to us by God. It is like an expensive car or fine piece of art. If you had a Maserati, you would not drive it anywhere. You would not let anyone drive it. You would keep is safely parked in the garage and not let anything come close to it. You would not take it offroading or drive it in a demolition derby.

In the same way, God gave us sex to enjoy in one way – with our married spouse. We should not have sex with anyone; we should protect our sex life from abuse or misuse.

The woman’s boyfriend was shocked and said, “I can’t believe you brought up a Maserati. We were just shopping for a Maserati – that is her favorite car!

As they left, the woman said to the man, “What if he is right?”

Pastor Young went on to say nothing else is more important than bringing people to Jesus Christ.

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