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In the book, “Men of Integrity” Mark Moring shared this story about his son, Peter.

He said, “It was late, and my young sons, Peter and Paul, had been in bed for at least an hour. My wife and I had just returned from our Bible study group, and I snuck into the boys’ room to say good night.

"Dad, can I have some ice cream?"

"No, Peter, it’s late, way past bedtime."

"But Dad, you promised.”

He was right. Peter had asked for ice cream earlier in the day, but we didn’t have any. And I had said, "I’ll get some for you later, I promise.”

Dinner came and went. We cleaned up the kitchen; the boys picked up their toys. The sitter arrived. And my wife and I left for Bible study. I’d forgotten all about the ice cream. But Peter hadn’t.

So, even though it was after 10 o’clock, I hopped in the car, drove to the convenience store, got a half gallon, and hurried home.

Peter and I enjoyed that chocolate-vanilla swirl together. After all, I had a promise to keep.”

Once you consider and say “Yes” you need to commit—even when it costs you!

Just as Mark Moring became aware of his need to fulfill his oath to his son even so you must fulfill your oaths.

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