3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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Experiences of everyday life can help us to a degree in understanding the Trinity. Years ago my mother was in hospital about a week after big surgery. After three days I was desperate for cornbread hoecakes fried in a black iron skillet. That was a standard item in our diet. Mama said the recipe included cornmeal, buttermilk and bacon grease, salt and a pinch of soda. I said, “I can do that!”

Papa worked at the grocery, while I studied at home, so I prepared lunch. The first day I knew something was wrong – I had forgotten the salt. The cornbread wasn’t right. Next day, “Papa, how is it?” “Pretty good, Sonny Boy, it’s hard because you didn’t put in enough grease.”

Third day – success!

Neither ingredient was the other but all were part of the cornbread. And you wouldn’t have cornbread without all of them. Multiplicity in singularity, multiple ingredients but one product.

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