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“The Same Gospel for the Same Needs”

Some months after our arrival in China, an old experienced missionary came to my husband with the following advice: “Do not attempt to speak of Jesus the first time on preaching to a heathen audience. The Chinese have a prejudice against the name of Jesus. Confine your efforts to demolishing the false gods, and if you have a second opportunity you may bring in Jesus.”

Later, when telling me of the advice that had been given him, my husband exclaimed with hot emphasis, “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER: The gospel which saved the down-and-outs in the slums of Toronto and every other like area is the same Gospel that must save Chinese sinners.”

Years later more than one missionary came to my husband asking, “What is the secret of your power to get men out of such depths of sins?”

The reply was, “I simply believe and teach God’s Word.” Some have replied, “But you cannot preach to a proud Confucian scholar the same as to the common crowd.”

Then Dr. Goforth would answer: “There is no royal road to God. Rich or poor, Chinese, Canadian, educated or ignorant, all are sinners and must come to the same Savior by the same road.”

----Mrs. Goforth Tells How a New Book Was Written

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