Sermon Illustrations

If an advert on the television is to be believed then temptation truly comes in the form of cakes or chocolate in the fridge; but of course temptation comes in many shapes and sizes, such as the story of Martin. Martin woke up one Monday morning particularly tempted to stay at home because he was feeling quite sick, fed up and nervous about going off to school and so he told his mother about it. She was having none of it.

“But Mum,” said Martin. “I hate school. Lots of people can’t stand me. Most of the children call me names. Most of the teachers can’t stand the sight of me. I can’t concentrate on anything. No one wants to sit near me at lunch time, people walk off if they see me coming, and there have even been graffiti drawings about me. Mum, I am not going to school anymore.”

“But Martin, you have to, you’re the Head Teacher.”

Martin was sorely tempted to lie and to avoid his responsibilities, and he was giving in to the temptation. He was removing the chocolate from its wrapper, and falling into sin.