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As I have attended secular schools I have seen the dark force – discriminate, attack, intimidate and belittle Christian students. These students are marked by the force just because they are Christian. They are targeted just because they have a Christian and Biblical value system. I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears how these students are constantly assaulted by the non-Christian professors, teachers and forces of evil. Their goal is undermine Christian morals and values in these students. Their goal is to get students to question their Christian values and then to encourage them to reject these Biblical values as outdated and foolish. The forces of humanism, secularism, and other isms are unleashed on young minds to get them to conform to the image of darkness. They want your children, grandchildren and others young minds to accept the fact that there are no eternal morals or values. They are scolded, ridiculed, intimidated, drilled, and manipulated to develop their own value system and to reject the value system of their parents and their outdated – religious value system.

When I was teaching in one school and pasturing in a neighboring town I had to go confront a dean of students who had told kids from my church they could not hold a Bible Study because of separation of church and state. I went into the dean with my information on my students legal rights and a warning that I would pursue legal means if he did not allow them to have their Bible Study. The American Center for Law and Justice has a great website which reveals the rights of students in public schools and the constitutional right to religious freedom. With information from this website and a serious but nicely said threat I made my case. He backed down and allowed them to have their Study. But this once again shows the attack on Christian students.

My own daughter in public school as a Kindergartener was asked to write what she was thankful for, so she wrote God. The teacher made her erase her answer and then told her she could not be thankful for God because of the separation of church and state. Let’s just say this dad went and had a talk with that teacher along with several other parents and she recanted her position. But once again the attack was made and the battle for my daughter’s mind and Biblical value system was assaulted in the public school.

When I was in college getting my degree in Social Work I watched this spiritual force pounce on young Christian minds, what was sad was to see how many of these young people so quickly deserted their Christian values. Of course when I was in school I was older – more mature and committed to God’s Biblical values. I spoke up often and with force against this force. I had professors and other students verbally respond back in anger and in injustice. They did not want to hear that their value system was wrong!

One Professor and I went back and forth just about every day in class. She bashed Christians and their value system all the time. She got so mad at me one day - She in essence said to me – “You represent the worse in society – you are a white, Christian, homophobic because you think heterosexuality is superior to homosexuality and Christianity is the only way.” I at this point in time did not know the definition of a “Homophobic.” So I asked her to define for me what that word meant. She said it means Mike that you think your way of relationships is superior to homosexual’s relationships. So I said, “Your right I am a homophobic because I know that heterosexuality is far superior because homosexual relationships do not produce life!” she was flaber gasted and said “That’s it we are changing the subject!” The spirit that controlled her despised me and she even discriminated against me in her class with my grades.

But I am reminded by the Apostle Paul this: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Galatians 6:12).

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