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This week I have been hammered by the immensity of what it means to "abandon," "forsake," or "leave alone" the omnipresent God, God who is everywhere. How is that possible? It is ONLY possible if God allows us to leave, allows us to turn our back upon God Himself.

Yes, it is much like the parent playing "Hide and Seek" with a young child that hides herself under the blankets in the middle of mommy’s and daddy’s bed. She thinks she is hidden, but the tell-tale lump is always present in the middle of that bed. The loving parent sets aside his or her adult ability to see and sift through the evidence of the child’s presence and allows that child to believe that she is hidden from the parent.

On a more serious scale with more serious consequences, God allows His people to play "Hide and Seek" with their actions. He allows us to delude ourselves into thinking that He can’t see us and that He is unaware of our...

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