Sermon Illustrations

In the early days of the American frontier, an Indian chief heard the message of the gospel and was wonderfully saved. Such an indescribable peace flooded his soul that he couldn’t keep from talking about the Lord. Another chief visited and wanted to know who this Jesus was, what He had done, and where He lived. The new convert took some chips of wood, formed a small circle on the ground with them and put a little chipmunk in the center. Then he set the woos on fire. The little creature tried to get out of the ring of fire but there was no way out—no escape. Then suddenly the converted chief lifted the chipmunk out and tenderly set him free. He said to his fellow chief: “That prison of flame is the world and I was just like that chipmunk. The powers of sin and evil surrounded me and I was helpless to save myself. Then the Great Chief, the Lord Christ came down from heaven right into this circle of death, lifted me out of the fire of sin and judgment and set me free.”

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