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Bob Benson, in his book, "See You At The House," tells of a good friend who had a severe heart attack and almost died, but was now well on the road to recovery. Visiting him, Bob asked, "Bill, how do you feel about your heart attack?"

Bill answered, "I hate it. It nearly killed me."

"Would you like to have another one?"

"Certainly not!"

"Would you recommend it for someone else?"

"Absolutely not."

Bob went on, "Bill, now that you’re feeling better, do you treasure your life more than before?"

"Yes, I guess I do."

"You and your wife have always had a good solid marriage, but are you closer to each other now than before?"

"Yes," Bill answered.

"And what about your relationship with God? Has that changed since your heart attack?"

"Yes, I feel a whole lot closer to God now than I ever did before."

"Bill, in the light of all this, how do you feel about your heart attack now?"

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