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I heard about a pastor who had been called to a church, and the very first Sunday he got up and he preached for about a half an hour, and everyone thought he was just great. And then on the next Sunday, he got up to preach, but he was finished in fifteen minutes. Everybody thought that was kind of strange, but they were gracious and nobody said anything. But, on the next Sunday, he started and kept preaching and preaching and preaching, and he went on for two solid hours.

Well, the deacons called him into the office after the service for a little meeting. One of them began by asking, "What’s going on?" The pastor was very apologetic and he said, "I can explain. You see, the first Sunday everything was normal, but on the morning of the second week, I broke one of the back teeth in my dentures, and it kept cutting my gum when I preached. So, I decided I had better cut my message rather than hurt myself."

And then he said, "The third Sunday, I got up a little bit late, and I took my wife’s dentures by mistake. Once I started preaching, I couldn’t get them to stop."

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