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A convention of Arkansas State troopers was asked to submit the best excuse they’d ever heard for someone trying to get out of a speeding ticket. The winning entry was submitted by a trooper who clocked a semi-tractor truck speeding down the interstate. The trooper pulled in behind the truck and turned his lights on, but the truck kept going. The trooper got right up on his bumper, but the truck kept going. The trooper turned on his siren, but the truck went even faster. Finally, the truck ran out of gas and rolled to the side of the highway.

The trooper got out and walked up to the trucker’s window. The driver rolled down his window, and the trooper asked, "Did you see my lights?"

"Yes sir, I did," the trucker responded.

"Did you see me following you right on your bumper?"

The trucker answered, "Yes sir, I did."

"Did you hear my siren all those miles?"

"Yes sir, I did," the trucker answered.

Finally, the trooper said, "Then why didn’t you pull over?"

"Well, to be honest, about two years ago my wife ran off with an Arkansas state trooper. I was afraid you were trying to bring her back!"

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