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A wealthy man was moving into a new house, and his next door neighbor just happened to be a Quaker. The Quakers, as you know, believe in simplicity and plainness of life. The Quaker neighbor watched as the movers carted in numerous pieces of furniture, a great deal of clothing, and many more decorative pieces. Then he walked over to his neighbor and said in his quaint, Quaker way, "Neighbor, if thee hath need of anything, please come to see me and I’ll tell thee how to get along without it."

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    Contributed by Eric Vertein on Apr 28, 2005
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    I want you to cross reference my sermons with God’s Word. Double-check to see if I have support for what I am teaching. If I was a doctor and told you that a lump on your back was not cancerous and you shouldn’t worry about it, but I see that you are doubtful about my prognosis, I would encourage more

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    Contributed by Eric Vertein on Apr 28, 2005

    When I was in college in Watertown, I worked at Bethesda Lutheran Home, a home for the ‘developmentally disabled.’ I worked the night shift and went to school during the day. One winter morning when I got off from work, I hopped in the car, turned the key and… click… nothing. It wouldn’t turn over more

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