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In 1964 when Muhammad Ali made his professional boxing debut, he was still known by his birth name of Cassius Clay. He won his bout against Sonny Liston with a Technical Knockout. Liston sustained injuries during the first 6 rounds of the bout and at the beginning of the 7th round refused to continue the fight. Some thought he threw the fight, but the truth was that he was simply beaten down and hurt. He could keep fighting, but he was going to be permanently worn down eventually. There was no way around it. Clay had pummeled him till he lost.

This is the concept that the "unjust judge" is concerned about. Like Liston, he could look to the end of the battle and see his own continued decline. The judge was looking to the end of the struggle and seeing himself tired, exasperated, worn out, finally giving in. Why not just give up in the 7th round and let the lady have what she was going to get sooner or later anyway?

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