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Love is patient and kind. Sometimes we need to be careful what we say and learn to think on our feet to say positive things about people. The story is told about a 6’ 10 “ Texan who walked up to the counter at McDonalds, slammed down his big fist and said to the girl behind the counter, “I want half a Big Mac.” She said, “What?” He said again, “I want half a Big Mac and I want it now!”

Not being sure what to do, she said, “Excuse me for a minute.” And she headed back to her manager without realizing that the man was following right behind her.

She got back to the manager and said, “There’s a big klutz out there who is dumber than lead and he has ordered half a Big Mac.” And just then she suddenly realized the 6’ 10” Texan was standing right behind her. She quickly added: “And this gentleman wants the other half.”

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