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page 64 Hermiz, Asbury College Student

A student came to Dr Hermiz after a revival at Asbury and said, "I didn’t believe in Holiness, so I went to the library with my bible to prove you wrong. But I couldn’t, so back in my room I prayed to God. 'If this is real give it to me, or if its not show me so I won’t be bothered anymore.' After several hours God took my attention back to a revival in my home church 3 years ago. I left it depressed because I had a sin I couldn’t get victory over. So I prayed and told God I would do anything he wanted and be anything he wanted if he would just free me from this sin. And he did. Dr Hermiz, could God have sanctified me, even though I never heard a message on it?"

Dr Hermiz said "I wouldn’t dare criticize your experience. He could do that for sure."

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