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Jeremy was a Christian. He had been saved at the age of 16, baptized, and was a faithful church member. When Jeremy chose a career, he did not pray about it or ask God for direction. He did what seemed obvious to him. When he dated, he was not careful to date only godly Christian women. When he went away to college, he did not seek out Campus Crusade or Intervarsity or Navigators. As a matter of fact, he even stopped going to church.

He fell away from the Lord, and ended up marrying a woman, Susan, because she was now expecting. But God was gracious, and he began to head back to church and Susan came to know the Lord. But they did not consult God about how to use their money, what careers to seek, what house to buy, or how to raise their kids. They just sort of did what everyone else did, including a number of their Christian friends.

Were these people bad people, compared to others? Not necessarily. But were they truly loyal to the King? Was God number one in their lives?

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