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As a child at church camp, a missionary told us the story of a missionaries traveling into a remote village that was rarely visited by outsiders. Living as their ancient ancestors did, the people were fascinated with motorized vehicles and electricity. These missionaries brought in a generator to show a filmstrip presentation of the life of Christ. They invited all the villagers to come. Stretching a white sheet on the side of the largest hut in the complex, they prepared for the evening program. The people were aghast to see such a bright light projected on the sheet; and were even more startled when they focused their eyes on the images. As the missionary spoke to them about the story of Jesus, they sat in awed silence. When the crucifixion scene was flashed on the sheet, one of the men jumped up, ran to the sheet, and shouted, “Come down from there, Son of God! That is my place, not yours!”

How sad that so many are no longer moved by this story of love! Realizing the extent of God’s devotion and mercy should cause us all to cry, “Come down from there, Son of God! That is my place, not yours!” Since He took our place, we must take on His ministry!

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