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In December 1990, the threat of war with Iraq was looming. Many reserves and National Guard troops were mobilized. There were some homes where father and mother were both deployed.

Recognizing this situation (that both father and mother would be gone overseas), a civic organization in Forsyth, Georgia, decided to do something for the children of these families. The civic club arranged with a toy store in Macon, Georgia, to bring these children in to choose anything they wanted for Christmas. Various news reporters from local television stations captured the visit on video.

Children ran through the store joyfully snatching one toy after another from the shelves. One little girl about eleven years old was standing beside a woman who had helped arrange the visit.

The woman said, "Honey, pick out anything you want." The little girl walked hesitantly to a display of rag dolls, picked up one, and slowly turned it over and over in her hands. She shyly asked, "How much does it cost?" The lady replied, "Its’ all paid for. Pick out anything you want." The little...

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