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Somebody who was very close to me and has gone to be with the Lord now was sitting in his sitting room and one day, without knocking at the door, a demon-idol entered. Such a thing may be strange to some people, but in some places it is a normal fighting spirit seen often. This demon-idol walked up to this man and called him by his full names, including the ones nobody usually called him. It said, "I have been sent to you." And before this man could move, the idol struck his right hand with the big stick in its hand and the hand became paralysed instantly. The idol walked out slowly and disappeared. Such spirits are never in a hurry.

The man was a child of God but did not have enough knowledge. So, all he could do was to grab a bottle of water by his side prayed on it and poured it on his hand and the hand became normal again. The demon-idol came back another time because the first time it came, the man did not deal with it thoroughly. It was allowed the second chance to fight.

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