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I did a google image search for the “armour of God.” It’s extraordinary the number of diagrams and pictures devoted to this theme. For our instruction and entertainment (well, actually more for our entertainment), I’ll show you a selection.

• They normally involve someone decked out somewhat like a Roman legionary – something like this. There’ll be labels pointing out the belt of truth and the helmet of salvation and things like that.

• Other people put in a big effort and hire all manner of costumes and weapons. I particularly like this one. They’ve gone to a lot of trouble to get all the right equipment here so that it looks authentic, but if you look closely you’ll see his sandals are attached with Velcro!

• Others forget the whole historical context of the First Century Mediterranean world and instead have a picture of a medieval knight in full plate armour, like this one.

• Others seem even more confused (baseballer)

• It’s apparently a big hit in children’s ministry – I’m sure when I was growing up I made some cardboard shields and swords based on Ephesians 6. There’s plenty of pictures like this all over the net of Sunday School classes decked out in their home-made armour. This one was captioned “God’s little soldiers”. I remember thinking as a child, if God’s armour is really as effective as this piece of flimsy cardboard, then I’m in trouble.

• This was a little card given out to children at one church in America, something they could check off every day to make sure they were protected.

• There’s the templates and colouring in sheets for the kids’ club craft.

• There’s an armour of God board game, though I’m not quite sure of the rules!

• Perhaps the most bizarre is the his-and-hers armour of God pyjama set. Complete with shield of faith pillow. Only $39.95 plus shipping! I can do a bulk order if anyone is interested!

There’s a veritable industry out there!

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