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I have here a mop head that I recently replaced at the Upper Room. This has been used to mop urine. I know, because I mopped up when this guy urinated all over himself, the couch he was sitting on, and the floor while he was asleep. It has mopped up the filth that was tracked in off the streets. It won’t come clean. I challenge you. There is no way in this world that you can make this like new.

I have new mop head to compare. The old one will never be this white even with bleach, because I have soaked this thing in bleach already to get it this clean. The old mop head is literally falling apart.

Yet, Jesus was raised on the third day. His resurrection promises us resurrection as well. We are like this old mop head compared to God. But the resurrection of Jesus promises us that we will one day be resurrected. We will have a new body, not like the old, but a completely new body free from the flaws and defects of this life.

Notice how the new mop head is not really that white. God doesn’t just promise to restore us back the original condition, but God promises more than we can imagine. If it is time for a change, God gives a fresh start.

Easter is all about getting a fresh start, a new lease on life, being born in a whole new way. This is your day. No matter how far down the ladder you have fallen or maybe how far down you feel you haven’t fallen, this is your day to change the mop head of your life.

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