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The Bible is deemed a holy book by 84% of the U.S. public. Although 84% of Barna Research respondents described themselves as Christian, 7% did not consider the Bible to be sacred, while 38% of adults who do not consider themselves Christian categorized it as such. Most population subgroups listed the Bible as a holy book except Asians (59%); people associated with non-Christian faith groups (59%); atheists and agnostics (30%); and people who are “mostly liberal” on social and political issues (69%). 90% of women vs. 79% of men consider the Bible to be holy. Those under age 40 are less likely than older Americans to accept the Bible as holy (77% vs. 90%, including only 67% of the adults 18 to 23). Racially, 96% of blacks, 83% whites and Hispanics and 54% of Asians view the Bible as sacred. Only 3 other books were labeled as such by at least 1% of the public: the Koran (4%); the Book of Mormon (3%); and the Torah (2%).

(Barna Update 7/7/08)

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