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One of my good friends from Ozark is a guy named Eric. I remember one day Eric told me this story. Eric was entering theater class and it was the last class of the day. He walked in, the regular teacher was not there so there was a substitute teacher. He was the first person in class and the sub walked in. When she saw him she began to stare. He was a little freaked out. The sub looked down at her roster and said you must be Eric Dwyer. There was no seating chart, he had never met or even seen this woman before and there was no way for her to tell who he was. He asked if she knew him and she said no, but you look just like your dad. This woman had grown up with his father and he looked so much like his dad she immediately recognized him. He was the image of his father. Just as Christian should be the image of our heavenly father. When we live out our faith as Christians this is what people will see in us. When they see how we live and how we treat others. When they see our love their response should be to say: you look just like your dad. Our lives should be reflections of our maker. We should follow the example of His Son and so find our true identity.

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