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The game ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ first came to light in 1974. Players of D&D create characters which they live out in an alternative reality. And so D&D is a fantasy role playing game where players embark upon imaginary adventures in a created world. Although there’s a few variations of the game, a typical D&D game consists of an ’adventure’ where the players live and breathe another life story with all sorts of goals and ambitions as determined by the storyline. The fictional locations for these stories can vary: the story might be set in a city, another country, another planet or even in an entire fictional universe.

It is estimated that by 2004, 20 million people had played the game. There is something appealing about creating a new reality free from the problems and contradictions of this world. There is something seductive and exciting about living in a world filled with halflings, elves, dwarves, half-elves, orcs and dragons. A world where wizards memorize spells which expire upon use and must be re-memorized for the next day.

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