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We can love others without totally agreeing with them. Often love is worked out by agreeing to disagree. We can offer love and care for people who are different from us and people we don’t agree with.

This fact is illustrated by a true story that took place in the state of Maryland. There are many rivers that flow into the Atlantic. On the coastline, in lakes and rivers there are geese and swans. The geese and swans seem to be indifferent to each other, and there is even a rivalry between the two birds.

Once or twice a year it snows, and the river Tread Avon even freezes over.

One morning, Theresa was having breakfast near a big window where she had a perfect view of the river. When she looked out of the window she saw a large Canadian goose with its feet frozen in the ice.

Then to her amazement she looked up into the sky and saw a line of beautiful swan flying overhead. The leader of the swan made a right turn and started flying in a circle. Then all at once, the entire circle of swan descended and landed on the ice where the goose was.

Theresa was astonished to see the swan surround the goose frozen to the ice and with their long necks started picking at the ice in a circle around the goose. They kept this up for quite a while. The ice was not real thick, and with the hard pecking of the swans a circle of ice broke around the Canadian Goose’s feet.

The swans ascended and flew in circles above the goose, as if they were waiting to see the goose take flight. The goose stood up and couldn’t move it frozen wings. Again the swans descended and landed around the goose. With their powerful beaks, they began to scrape the goose’s wings from top to bottom. They lifted the goose’s wings and it body to scrape and scratch the ice that was glued to its feathers.


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