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Since my three year old son Sebastian was an infant we have prayed at meal times. If we ever appear as though we are about to eat without praying first, Sebastian will tell, “Uh Oh, daddy, you almost forgot to pray.” Our one year old son, Ephram, is getting in on the pray now too, although when we go to hold hands around the table, Ephram always is a little skeptical because he seems to think that somebody is about to take his food! Of late, Sebastian has enjoyed being the one to say the prayer. While the prayer varies, Sebastian has picked up on the main theme and when he prays he will say, “Lord, thank you for the gift of this day, thank you for your constant provision, bless this food in this Jesus name. Amen.” A few moments later, he will usually add, “Oh, and bless Sebastian too!”

Praying in Jesus name, living in Jesus name, really is a simple thing. It is about making Him, His glory, and His name, the theme of our prayer and the theme of our life. In Acts 4, they asked Peter and John the same question which we need to answer today. In whose name do you do these things? In the precious name of Jesus, the name which is above all other names!

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