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John - The Apostle of Love

John is known as The Apostle of Love because more than any other writer in the New Testament he speaks of love, he exemplifies love, he loves and is loved. As a matter of fact, even though he writes only five books in the New Testament (as opposed to Paul’s 13) he used love more than any other writer. Of the four gospels, Matthew used the word ‘love’ 13 times, Mark 5 times, Luke 15 times and John 57 times. If you want to know about love, read John. Read his gospel, then read the 3 short epistles he wrote. In those few pages he uses the word love 53 times. And, of course, he wrote the book of revelation while in exile on the Isle of Patmos in the Aegean Sea. Paul in his 13 books uses the word ‘love 114 times, John in his 5 books 117 times.

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