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When a new family moved into the community, the pastor went to invite them to his church. The husband said, "We are just getting moved in, Parson, but I will come when I get straightened out."

After a few weeks, the Rev. went again with the same invitation. The husband made a similar reply: "I have just been getting the children enrolled in school. When I get straightened out, I intend to come to your church." Still later, "I have been getting settled into my new job, but I do plan to attend your church when I get straightened out."

Unfortunately the man died prematurely not long afterwards. The widow contacted the pastor, as the only person she knew who might conduct a funeral.

On the day and time appointed, the pastor began the service. "I was not closely acquainted with Mr. Johnson. He appeared to be a loving husband and a good father. I have heard he was a diligent worker. I do know this without any question or doubt: He was a man true to his word.

"He told me several times he would come to church when he got straightened out. Well, two days ago the undertaker got him straightened out and, sure enough, here he is!"

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