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Ephesians 4:26 says, "In your anger do not sin."

Best story I read on this, as I was doing research this week, was about a woman who attacked her house with a forklift. This is the news report:

Diane Fittipaldi, 2013 Sunset Lane, told Municipal Court Judge Levi Grantham that she had launched the attack as part of a long-standing feud with her husband about housekeeping.

"Oliver is a horrible neat freak," Fittipaldi said, "and he drives me nuts about keeping everything tidy."

After the couple argued about the proper alignment of table place settings, Fittipaldi rented a 3,000-pound, pneumatic tire forklift Tuesday evening and drove it through the front wall of their one-story frame house. According to neighbors who witnessed the incident, she used the machine to smash the dining room table.

"Oliver yelled at me about where his fork was supposed to go," she said, "and I...

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