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An officer in the first World War gives this account of God’s willingness and ability to save men from shot and shell when they pray. A German machine gun crew had their gun trained on an angle of our trenches where troops frequently passed back and forth and the casualties were many.

As a last resort volunteers were called to storm the gun in the open. Fifteen men volunteered. They themselves could see at a glance that most if not all of them must die. Even if they succeeded in silencing the gun they would scarcely escape the hail of lead that would follow them back to their lines.

The young officer appointed to lead them, a friend of the one reporting the incident, before going over, addressed the volunteers as follows: "Men, I am a Christian. Before every undertaking I pray. Those of you who are willing, kneel with me and pray about this one."

Then he took off his helmet, knelt down and prayed, asking God to spare their lives, but if any must go that their souls might be saved. When the officer rose from his kneeling position, he noted that every man had knelt and placed their helmet on the ground in front of them.

Then they climbed out of their trench and raced toward the German machine-gun nest while a hail of lead and steel flew above their heads. They overcame the machine gun crew, tore up the gun and took it with them as they ran back to their trenches. All the men returned, and not one of them suffered a wound.

To the men looking and watching, it was a miracle indeed. None of them will ever say that the day of miracles is over. God has not withdrawn His "exceeding great and precious promises."

Source: Gospel Herald

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