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One Mother’s Day I was preaching in another state and during the Sunday School class I told about one of the two times that I sassed my mother. Now my mother is about 4 foot 11 inches tall and I was approaching 6 foot so I towered over her. She had told me to do something and I told her she wasn’t big enough to make me then stomped off. She told my Dad when he got home from work. He took me into the back bedroom and I sat on the bed. He went thru the tedious process of explaining the birth process. How a woman is never closer to death than during the final stage of birth. Of the pain; of the humiliation in the position a mother-to-be is in; and of the love she had for me to go through all that. Of course I was in tears by the time he finished. I started to go on with the class but a lady in the audience asked, "So you didn’t get a whipping?!"

And I said, "Oh yes I did. Dad gave me the biggest whipping in my life, saying that it was to drive home that lecture he had just given."

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