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Jesus says these people resemble the soil next to the path which in Palestine could look like decent soil but only an inch deep. Because the soil has settled there maybe blown by the wind or pushed there by the run off from the rain, it can be very fertile.

People are excited about Jesus. This has changed my life. This is wonderful. On fire for God. Perhaps could be someone that goes through spiritual "seasons" on fire for God maybe because they have arrived at a new church. But the reality is that the maturing of a plant takes all summer. Because the roots do not run deep, they are scorched. They wither and die at least until next season. Then another ministry or church and the pattern repeats. Some even eventually completely give up on God.

But all the blame can’t go to the individuals. Often churches are hypocritical, judgmental, fearful, emotionally immature, hiding behind God, doing everything for God but never taking time to be with God, perpetually defensive, arrogant, stubborn, lack vulnerability, ignore...

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