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Six years ago (2003) a young lady named Jennifer went into labor. -- Tragically, her uterus and bladder ruptured. The baby boy was deprived of oxygen too long to live. It was a miracle that Jennifer survived.

I had never met Jennifer, but she was a friend of a friend, and I went to see her in the hospital. In God’s perfect timing, Jennifer was there with her parents. It was just before she got out of the hospital.

As I got ready to leave, I said, "Some people wonder if you will be able to recognize him in Heaven."

"Jennifer said, “We want to think that we will."

I replied, "Yes, you will. Remember when Jesus was on the mountain of transfiguration? Moses and Elijah were there with Him, and everybody there knew who they were. 'Hey, that’s Moses and this is Elijah.' So, you will know your baby when you get there."

Jennifer’s mom said: "Do you know what the baby’s name was? -- It was Elijah. I know that the Lord led you to say that. That’s the reason He brought you here today. That’s what we needed to hear."

There will be a reunion with every believer, with every child who died young, with every child who died in the womb. This is our hope in Jesus Christ. Make sure you have this hope!

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