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Without realizing it many of us have fallen prey to thinking that people of most significance are people like star athletes, actors, actresses, musicians, and even politicians. These are the ones we applaud and become excited to meet in person. These are the ones who we ask for their autographs and then show it off as a valuable treasured signature to others.

But really these are not the hero’s. Heroes and heroines are the note worthy individuals who turned “nobodies into some bodies.” They are the people behind the scenes who have given their loyalty and their lives for noble causes. They have sacrificed so that others may have the freedom to live free. They have stayed in the shadows and never been mentioned by name. They have drifted into obscurity because their status goes unnoticed and in some cases even gets undervalued and unappreciated.

These bands of brothers may be forgotten by others and most of the country but not by their fellow warriors and fellow brothers. Their names will be etched in their memories for ever and they will never forget the sacrifice of the unknown names of countless soldiers who have given their lives for the gift of freedom for this country.

They are the veterans of our country – the ones who first fought for our independence in New England against the British and ran into battle with the motto, “No King but King Jesus.” (See “The Spirit of the Amercian Revolution” David Barton; “The New Heavens and the New Earth” Cushing Stout; Sibley’s Harvard Graduates, Clifford Shipton.)

They are the soldiers who have fought for our country throughout the many wars which sought to destroy this country and rob her of her freedom. These soldiers of honor are even the ones today fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These are the unsung heroes who are the nobodies of history – because most do not know their names - but they are the some bodies who have given us our freedom here in America today. The Veterans who are here today each know of men and women who gave their lives and served our country faithfully. These men all have a band of brothers who they know by name and it’s important for us today to hear their names today.

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