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Lake City Church - Madison -- God does a financial wow miracle.

They were four days away from having to make their quarterly payment of $140,000 for their mortgage.

Pastor John Ruck meets with all the finance wizards - bankers, Cpa's, business men. They asked him "How are you going to make this payment?" "You are $100,000 short?" He looks at them with no answers. But He feels God tell him to tell them that He will provide it --He replies "God will make the payment." They all look at him in disbelief -- "like are you nuts" -- they ask him again "What is your plan?" -- He admits, "I don't have one figured out -- but I know God has a plan," -- I believe God told me in prayer that He would provide." They all get on his case -- some angry --some are thinking -- "He has lost his mind!"

So John calls the staff to prayer and others from the church and school to come help them pray through to a financial miracle.

People come and they pray, pray and pray.

Two teachers come to the prayer meeting as they walk into the prayer room they literally see God's presence all through the room as in a cloud.

John told me that as he looked around you could feel and see God's presence all over the room. He said others came and God touched them supernaturally and they received physical healings.

They prayed - they trusted God and the money came in little by little. Day after day. They did have a plan "The awesome wonder of God -- it was His Spirit that moved on people's hearts to give as they were prompted by the Holy Spirit.

So 4 days later -- after praying as a staff, school and church, all the money came in -- they had all the money within 5 minutes before it was due. It came in from 1,000's of different people and resources. From kids giving their allowances -- to teens giving their work wages -- to people from other parts of country calling and saying God spoke to me in prayer to call and send you money -- where do I send it?

When you hear a story like this does it not just awe you?

It awed me! It amazed me! It encouraged me! How -- well it gave me the idea for this very sermon.

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