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Hell has gotten a bad rap these days. Dante wrote about its amusement park, but that’s fallen into disrepair. It's no longer on the list of any popular tourist destinations. No TV sitcom is set there. It does appear in one "reality show", and the food's pretty good, but the chef is something of a potty-mouth. In times medieval it showed up in quite a few paintings, but now it has hit hard times. It's either banished altogether, or at best ignored in polite company. In fact, there's only one time in modern society that it’s proper to mention it at all. Here's an example:

Do you believe in eternal punishment in a burning lake of fire?

Hell, no!

Fortunately for us our modern culture has forbidden God from sending anybody there except perhaps Hitler, Stalin, and either Barak Obama or George Bush, depending upon your party affiliation.

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