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Watchman Nee:

"A man’s will is his organ for decision-making. To want or not to want, to choose or not to choose are the typical operations of the will.

"Our emotions merely express how we feel. Our mind simply tells us what we think, but our will communicates what we want. The will is the most influential component of our entire person. It is deeper than emotion and mind.

"This again is one of the ways we are made in the image of God. Man is responsible for all his actions. The will within controls all matters both inside and outside him. He is not governed automatically by an external force. Rather he houses a principle within him which determines his acts."

"Even so noble an organ as the spirit must yield to the rule of the will. The spirit does not symbolize the whole man, for it is but his organ for communication with God.

"The will embodies man’s the real attitude of a person’s mind, the condition of his heart and his intention to do something. It is the mechanism in him that most nearly corresponds to the man himself."

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