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Ever felt like your life was the most unlucky of all? No matter what, the human spirit can be an amazing thing. Take for example the case of Larry Hanratty, who was named by the Los Angeles Times in 2007 the most unlucky man in California.

This poor man was nearly executed to death in a construction site accident. For weeks he was in a coma with his lawyers fighting for his liability claim -- until one of his lawyers was disbarred, two of them died suddenly and his last lawyer ran off with his wife!

Then after his recovery in June, he was in a terrible car accident and before the police arrived on the scene, he was robbed of $55.00. On July 4th, his insurance company tried to stop his worker’s comp claim; he came within 2 days of being evicted from his home. By the end of July of 2007, he was suffering from lupus and the start of a lung condition that required him to carry a canister of oxygen with him; he was taking 42 pills a day for his heart condition and his liver aliments.

Finally the City Council came to his aid and then his friends rallied around him. After all that had happened to Larry that year, he said to the Mayor of Whittier, "There’s always hope"!

Remember Larry who was named L.A. Times most unlucky man in 2007? Well let me finish telling you about him. Even though he was stricken in one year with very bad circumstances, that never stopped him from doing what he did best. You see he was a Deacon in his church and was constantly helping others in their time of need. Everywhere he went in his town he was known as "HOPE" because he always told everyone... "There’s always hope".

On died on December 25 at 4:05 pm...

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