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Too many times, we are more concerned with what we get out of giving than what we are trying to give in the first place.

A father was sitting in his chair one night reading the paper. All of a sudden, he realized it was his young daughter’s birthday, and he had forgotten to get her a gift. So he rushes down to the local department store, where he sees some Barbie dolls in the window.

He asks the clerk how much a Barbie doll is. The clerk tells him that they range in price. The beauty queen Barbie is $30.00. The nurse Barbie is $20.00. And the divorced Barbie is $265.00.

The man asked why it was so much more, and the clerk said it was the only one that came with Ken’s car, house, and boat.

Now, if you happen to be a Barbie fan, know that I am not saying she married Ken for the money, it’s just that she did end up taking from him because she was only focused on herself.

(From a sermon by Bruce Ball, "AND THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE" 2/15/2009)

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