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More than 28 years ago, before I married Sandy, I was a lousy cook. I could maybe cook hot dogs and beans (out of a can), and those didn’t always turn out so well. That’s because I was confined to a set of instructions called a "cookbook." It was a list of rules and regulations, a law, which could never make me into a good cook.

Then I married Sandy, and I had someone to lead me through the process of cooking a meal. She showed me everything I know about cooking. Now, I can roast a turkey, bake a cake, and even make a mean potato salad. Did you like that potato salad we had at the Bethel Builders picnic this last Monday? I made that!

I’m a pretty good cook, if I do say so myself. Why? Because I am no longer confined to a cookbook. I am under a better system. I have someone to lead me through the process.

Now, that’s exactly what the Believer has in the Holy Spirit. We who know Christ are no longer confined to the law, a list of dos and don’ts. We’re under a better system. We have the Holy Spirit to guide us through the process of living a holy life. All we have to do is listen to Him. All we have to do is follow His lead.

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