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When I was a teenager, I remember my uncle telling me of times when He would go spelunker caves. He loved the thrill of finding new caves and the thought of being somewhere where no one had been. He told me that there were times deep inside some of the caves where you had to crawl on your stomach and through the water and mud and as the walls of the caves would get tighter he recalled a time when the flashlight went out, and having to crawl backward, without the ability to turn around because of the tightness of the cave, in total darkness, with cool mud sliding through his fingers and things crawling, and slithering around him. Can you imagine being deep inside a hole and the only light you have for guidance goes out? My uncle of course was lucky to get out. But there have been many explorers that were not so lucky. How hard is it to live in a world of sin? How deceptive is it? It captivates us with its darkness but intends to trap us if we don’t have the light of life!

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