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You may be going through some troubles right now. But trust in the Lord, because He will surely take care of you. He has already blessed and cared for us in countless ways.

This week I thought back to one example from my life. It was over at Emmanuel Baptist Church in the mid-90s. It was a boiling-hot summer night, and we were getting in the car to go home from church. Standing at the car door, I waved good-bye to someone, then got in and started to put on my seat belt. Just them I heard a loud shot, like a gun going off.

I got out of the car and saw two holes in the roof. Thank the Lord they didn’t go all the way through. And they didn’t come from a gun. The circuit breaker on the pole had blown out and hit the top of my car. I found the lead and copper piece on the ground the next day, and Entergy paid for the damage. But if I had waved two seconds...

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