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Take a mental walk with me outside. I want us to look at some cars together. If possible, let's find a new one. While you're standing there admiring the beauty of that sparkling new automobile, let's imagine my saying to you rather quietly, "You know, there are folks who believe this car is a result of someone's design, but I know differently. Let me tell you what really happened."

Many, many centuries ago, all this iron, glass, rubber, plastic, fabric, leather and wires came up out of the ground. Furthermore, each substance fashion itself into various shapes and sizes, and holes evolved at just the right placed, and the upholstery began to weave itself together.

After a while threads appeared on bolts and nuts and -- amazing as it may seem -- each bolt found nuts with matching threads. And gradually everything sort of screwed up tightly in place. A little later correctly-shaped glass glued itself into the right place.

And you see those tires? They became round over the years. And they found themselves the right size metal wheels. And they sort of popped on. They also filled themselves with air somehow. And the thing began to roll down the street.

And one day, many, many years ago -- centuries, really -- some people were walking along and they found this vehicle sitting under a tree. And one of them looked at it and thought, "How amazing. I think we should call it "automobile." But there's more! These little automobiles have an amazing way of multiplying themselves year after year, even changing ever so slightly to meet the demands of the public. Actually, that process is called "automutations."

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